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Residential Rates FAQs
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Residential Rates FAQs

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How do I read my bill?

Click here to see a breakdown of all your bill components for a standard residential bill and a net meter bill.

How do I know what my rate is?

Currently, OPPD has two residential rates and a net metering rider option. When looking at a residential bill, the rate is listed under the address box.

Below are examples of the rate names commonly seen on a residential bill.
  • Residential: Refers to Rate 110, the standard residential service rate.
  • Conservation Heat Pump: Refers to Rate 115, the rate for qualified heat pump customers.
  • Residential Net: Refers to the Net Meter Rider for residential customers producing their own energy using solar panels, wind turbines or other forms of renewable energy.

Can I choose what rate I’m on?

Customers must meet applicable criteria to take service on any rate. Please review the rate criteria for Rate 110 and Rate 115.

What charges are on my bill?
There are two types of charges – a monthly service charge and the energy charge.
  • Monthly Service Charge is a fixed amount for customers to have electric service that is billed each month, no matter how much energy is used. This charge covers items like customer service, metering and the infrastructure that connects a customer to the electric grid.
  • Energy Charges are based on the amount of energy used during the billing period. Energy use is priced per kilowatt-hour (kWh). One kilowatt (kW) equals 1,000 watts (w). There are two energy charges to your bill – the variable energy charge based on kWh usage and the Fuel and Purchased Power Adjustment (FPPA).

What costs does my monthly service charge cover?

The monthly service charge recovers both customer costs and portions of the distribution costs. Distribution costs are costs to bring electricity down to the level of power that customers receive in their homes. Customer costs refer to customer service, billing, collections, metering and data management, which do not vary with energy needs.

What costs does my variable energy charge cover?

The variable energy charge is a seasonal charge based on the energy usage of the customer. These variable energy charges recover generation energy costs, generation demand costs, transmission costs and portions of distribution costs.

What is the Fuel and Purchased Power Adjustment (FPPA)?

The FPPA is a charge billed based upon energy usage that recovers fluctuations in fuel and purchased power that are outside of OPPD’s control. This charge is currently 0.413 ¢/kWh and amounts to less than $5 for the average household’s monthly energy consumption.

How do OPPD rates compare to other utilities in the region?

OPPD closely monitors rates and provides annual reports to its Board of Directors on how we compare with other utilities throughout the region, based on information published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The board set a directional rate performance guideline by using the average of the North Central Region as a benchmark. This region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Data from EIA shows that in 2022, all OPPD rates were on average 17.4% below that of the North Central Region. Our average residential customer rate was 14.9% below the regional average, our average commercial customer rate was 18.4% below the regional average, and our average industrial customer rate was 15.9% below the regional average.

What are you doing to help customers facing financial hardship?

OPPD understands the challenges customers may face and has a range of programs to help those struggling to pay their utility bill. Some of these programs involve collaboration with other organizations. More information is available on OPPD's energy assistance page. Customers may also contact a Customer Care representative by emailing or by calling 402-536-4131 in the Omaha calling area, or toll-free outside of the calling area, 1-877-536-4131. OPPD urges customers to call before they fall behind on their bills so that OPPD can work with them on a solution.

Don't see your question listed above?

Contact a representative at 402-536-4131 in the Omaha area, and 1-877-536-4131 outside of the metro area, or email OPPD's customer service office is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.