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How to Read Your Bill
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How to Read Your Bill

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Business customers may receive different bill formats depending on their needs. The numbers on these examples explain all the segments on each bill type.

Standard Bill

Bill Multi Premise Standard


A Standard bill format, or detailed bill, is used by customers with multiple premises. The first page is a summary page followed by detailed pages. Each detail page includes an electric usage profile and a graph of electric usage for each premise. Multiple premise accounts default to this bill format.  




Condensed Bill

Bill Condensed


A Condensed bill, or summary bill, is typically used by customers with a large number of premises. Customers are able to organize premises and group them together using identifiers, such as apartment complex names or building numbers, resulting in one summary page per identifier group. Premises without identifiers are grouped together on a summary page. Electric usage profiles and graphs are not included. This bill format is available upon request. Contact



Streetlight Bill

Bill Streetlight 


A Streetlight bill is used for municipalities and lists all streetlights.