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Types of Positions
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Types of Positions

Relaxed but professional. Friendly but productive. Exciting but focused. This is what it’s like to work at OPPD. People who start their careers here tend to retire here. When you find someplace that makes you happy, why move? It all comes down to making our people the focus of the company and giving them opportunities to maximize their potential and move up in the organization.

At OPPD we're committed to employing a diverse workforce, consisting of people with various educational, cultural and professional backgrounds.

Many careers to choose from


Positions include risk and financial analysis, internal auditing, customer billing, planning and budgeting.

Marketing Representative

Marketing positions include energy marketing and trading, products and service promotion, and education, as well as community outreach.


Operate machine tools including lathes, milling machines, hydraulic presses and grinders. Install, inspect and repair power plant equipment, including equipment in the field. Handle hazardous material and work on nuclear power station equipment and components located in radioactive areas.


  • Electrical or Power Engineer
    Conduct research and apply electrical theory to engineering projects. Calculate and determine how electrical systems should be built using computer-assisted engineering and design software equipment. Mechanical Engineer
    Extensive knowledge of machines and tools, including design, uses, repair and maintenance. Oversee machine and equipment installation, operation and maintenance. Investigate equipment failures and make recommendations to maintenance crews.
  • Civil Engineer
  • Perform engineering duties in planning and overseeing construction and maintenance of building structures and facilities, such as pipeline and power plants. Direct or participate in surveying to lay installations and guide construction. Inspect project sites to check on progress and ensure workers are following design specifications and safety standards.
  • Chemical Engineer
    Develop safety procedures to be used by workers operating equipment or who will be near ongoing chemical reactions. Develop processes to separate components of liquids or gases or generate electrical currents using controlled chemical processes. Conduct research to develop new and improved chemical manufacturing processes.

Construction Worker

Install poles and towers that will carry electric lines.

Power Plant Operator

Operate generation machinery and use special tools to test and conduct maintenance on the machinery. Track work and adjust controls on the generation equipment as power usage changes.

Computer Programmers/Analysts

  • Network Control Specialist
    Design, implement and maintain complex online data communication networks. Analyze data communication problems and alternative solutions. Coordinate all major hardware/software changes.
  • Network Engineering Specialist
    Monitor and analyze network usage and performance. Analyze, design and implement complex communication network projects and engineering plans. Lead, develop and train people.
  • Information Protection Administrator
    Develop, promote and administer effective data security policies, procedures and practices. Implement effective data security in all computing environments to ensure information and data processing resources are protected against intentional and accidental loss, alteration or dissemination.
  • Cyber Security
    Implement effective data security in all computing environments to ensure information and data processing resources are protected against intentional and accidental loss, alteration or dissemination. Analyze security risks associated with changes to the infrastructure and provide the design for these safeguards.
  • Software Engineer
    Prepare and/or administer project and engineering plans, analyze and design software and business system projects, perform re-engineering analysis and coordinate quality evaluations. Participate on teams to conduct studies, coordinate project activities, perform impact analysis, implement cost-benefit studies, operations research and risk analysis, and analyze quality methods and standards.

Customer Service Representative

Assist residential and business customers with moves, billing questions, funding assistance and power outage information. Become knowledgeable of company policies and computer software and be able to break down information for customers to understand.


Ensure utility meets federal and state regulations regarding air, water, land and wildlife from being affected by the industry’s operations.

Research Scientist

Research new and improved ways to generate and deliver electricity. Work closely with engineers.

Line Installer

Install and repair cables, wires and other equipment on electrical poles and transmission towers.