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Residential Underground Dip Checklist
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Residential Underground Dip Checklist

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The following checklist shows the customer responsibilities and the work OPPD will do to complete a job.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Hire an electrical contractor to replace / upgrade your meter socket, install a slip joint riser, and remove the old socket riser assembly. The contractor will be responsible for obtaining the proper permits from the City of Omaha or the governing entity in your area.
  • Hire a contractor to install conduit for the OPPD service cable. A 2 ½” or 3” schedule 40 conduit must be installed per instructions provided by your OPPD Electrical Service Designer. The conduit must be installed at a minimum 30” depth with no more than (2) 90 degree bends (one at each end) and one 45 degree sweep near the midpoint. The bends must be 36” sweeps unless preapproved. A string for pulling in conductors must be installed in each conduit.
  • Contact cable TV and phone companies to determine charges, schedule installation of their underground cable, and removal of the existing overhead facilities. OPPD will typically specify a 1” conduit be installed by your contractor for Cox but customers need to confirm with Century Link if they would like the customer to install a conduit for their lines or if they prefer to trench in after the electric service is completed. OPPD does not collect for phone or cable fees associated. Cox Cable: 402-933-3000 Century Link: 800-244-1111
  • Discuss with your electrical contractor who will be responsible for advising the City or entity that the meter socket installation is ready for inspection. The City will inform OPPD when the socket installation is approved. OPPD cannot, by law, establish electric service until the electrical inspection is done.
  • Locate and identify location of any private sewer lines, septic lines or tanks, sprinkler lines, invisible fences and other underground facilities not typically locatable under the Nebraska One-Call Notification System Act. The One-Call cable location service does not locate these private lines. Many plumbing contractors will locate private sewer lines for a small fee. You and or your contractor will also need to call One-Call to arrange for location of other utilities prior to conduit installation.
  • Sign and return the OPPD Proposal and waiver.
  • Make payment to OPPD. Contact OPPD for current cost.
  • Contact OPPD Electric Service Designer when the duct and meter socket are installed and the service has been inspected by the local governing authority.
  • Contact the cable TV company to let them know when OPPD work is complete so they can pull their cables into duct or trench in their lines, finish any termination work and remove overhead lines.
  • In some cases, your electrical contractor cannot remove the old riser until OPPD completes its work so you may have to call the contractor back after OPPD work is done.

 OPPD Responsibilities

  • OPPD will call for underground locates prior to doing any digging if required near the pedestal or pole. OPPD will not repair damaged sprinkler lines or equipment that is not locatable via One-Call or located by the customer.
  • OPPD Electric Service Designer will meet with you and/or your contractor to identify cable route and other pertinent information. The Electrical Service Designer will also provide meter specifications, proposal / waiver, invoice and coordinate the installation with OPPD crews.
  • OPPD crews will install cable in the duct installed by your contractor between the pole or pedestal at your lot line and the meter socket.
  • OPPD will install a new meter and make permanent connections when permit is received from the inspection authority.
  • OPPD will remove the existing overhead electric service conductor from the pole to your point of attachment.
  • Project scheduling can proceed once we are notified that conduit is in and inspection has occurred and we have received payment. Once the job is scheduled and crews are on site, for most jobs, OPPD work can be completed in 1 or 2 days.
  • Please call your Electrical Service Designer if you have any questions.

Schematic of a Typical Overhead Service and an Underground Dip

 Residential Service Dips