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Rates & Incentives
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Rates & Incentives

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Keeping Rates Low

Currently, our average commercial customer rate is 28.0% below the national average while our average industrial customer rate is 18.1% below the national average.

* North Central Region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota and Nebraska
Source: 2022 Energy Information Administration

How much could you save if your manufacturing/business operation were located in OPPD's service area? Using the charts below and the number of shifts and electricity usage pattern closest to your own, you can determine an approximate rate. Or, to get a more accurate estimate of annual energy costs within OPPD's service territory, use our calculator for up to 5 MW. 

Industrial Rate Chart

Commercial rate chart

The Right Environment For Your Business Needs

In southeastern Nebraska, we’re passionate about maintaining high economic growth and low cost of living. So, we work hard to sustain a climate that’s favorable for growth and success, offering comprehensive incentives to businesses that want to be a part of our prospering community. OPPD will provide you with the most up-to-date information on local and state incentives available to new and expanding industry, including industry eligibility, threshold investment, job-creation requirements and tax credits.

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