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Private Outdoor Lighting
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Private Outdoor Lighting

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Security Lighting

An outdoor light provides dusk-to-dawn lighting, offering an extra measure of security for your home. Outdoor lighting that eliminates shadows can discourage prowlers and makes your property more secure. It also can expand the amount of time you are able to spend on recreational or maintenance activities after dark.

  • It's simple – you don't have to buy light fixtures, and you only pay for the electric service.
  • OPPD furnishes, installs, owns and maintains the security light, which is mounted on a utility pole near your home.
  • The lights will operate automatically each night from dusk to dawn.

The provisions of Rate Schedule No. 461 – Fuel and Purchased Power Adjustment apply to this rate schedule.

Review Fuel and Purchased Power Adjustment - Rate 461

Review Dusk to Dawn Lighting - Rate 236

Dusk To Dawn Lighting Chart 

How to Order

To order private outdoor lighting, contact an electrical service designer (ESD) in your area. ESDs are the main OPPD contacts for line-extension requests, load-addition requests, equipment relocations, or other operational requirements for residential and small commercial customers.