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Residential Surge Guard FAQ
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Residential Surge Guard FAQ

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How OPPD’s Surge Guard different than my homeowner’s insurance?

Homeowners insurance is subject to a deductible and only assists you AFTER the damage is done. OPPD’s Surge Guard Protection is proactive in stopping surges BEFORE they enter your home and doesn’t require a deductible.

How is OPPD’s Surge Guard better than the surge strips I have now?

Surge strips can only protect items plugged into them. OPPD’s product protects your entire home at three critical entry points – electric, phone and cable lines. Also, OPPD’s Surge Guard product can withstand far greater surges than a typical surge strip. Lastly, surge strips need to be replaced every couple of years because they wear out. 

Is my air conditioner covered?

Yes. Your air conditioner is covered IF the surge passes through our meter arrester and that arrester has failed. 

Can you protect my satellite dish?

If you have a smaller 18” dish, we CAN protect receiver lines coming from that dish. We are unable to offer this product if you have a large satellite dish because we are unable to protect the line to the motor.

I live in a rural area. Can I have OPPD’s Surge Guard Protection?

Yes. If you live in a rural area, chances are that your meter is on a pole, you have a well pump and/or outbuildings. In these situations, you are still eligible for Surge Guard Protection, but a licensed electrician must install the surge arrester at your circuit panel. The cost for this installation is $125. 

I live in a townhome – am I eligible for this product?

Yes – as long as there are separate meter, phone and cable boxes for each unit. 

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