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Commercial Surge Guard Program
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Commercial Surge Guard Program

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There are many aspects of your business you can control, and many you can't.

Now, thanks to the Commercial Surge Guard Program from OPPD, electrical damage to your valuable equipment can be crossed off your list of concerns. OPPD experts are ready to equip your business with the latest in surge protection technology: Tesco's single or three-phase surge arresters for 208, 240 and 480 VAC commercial and industrial usage.


How It Works

  • Installs at the main switchgear, main electrical panel or wattmeter
  • Prevents damage to computers, fax machines, copiers, TVs, stereos or other AC line-powered electronic/electrical equipment
  • Protects against AC line temporary overvoltage conditions
  • Clamps and dissipates lightning-induced AC line high-voltage current impulses


  • Long lifetime - even with strong lightning activity and temporary line overvoltage conditions
  • Affordable - an investment that will pay for itself many times over
  • Installed by OPPD surge protection experts
  • Insured - deductible up to a maximum of $1,500 per occurrence


  • 40,000 amp peak power capability, each phase ($125 install and $9.95 a month for single-phase service; $275 install and $12.95 per month for three-phase service)
  • 160,000 amp peak power capability, each phase ($275 install and $16.95 per month for three-phase service)
  • Temporary overvoltage clamping capability
  • Lowest reliable voltage clamping level
  • Safety fusing, all phases, patented
  • LED "unit good" indicators, all phases
  • Fireproof and explosion-proof polycarbonate glass-fiber reinforced enclosure with matching mounting connector
  • Sealed unit, except for mounting connector wiring opening
  • For less inductance, #10 AWG tinned wires
  • Review electrical/environmental specifications, and Warranty, and Terms and Conditions