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Switch to Paperless Billing


If you've ever misplaced your bill or had a due date slip your mind, it's time to sign up for Paperless Billing. Each month, we'll send you an email notification with the amount due and due date.

Start, Stop or Move Service


It's simple and convenient. Just enter your information on the correct form and submit.
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Manage your Account Online

Click here to report your power outage


Enroll in MyAccount today to manage all of your energy services online. It's easy, convenient and secure.

Update Your Contact Info

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Update your contact information here, so we can keep in touch with you about power outages, tree maintenance, and more.

Energy Efficiency

Click here to view energy efficiency information


Take control of your energy use. Learn helpful tips to save on energy and lower your electricity bill throughout the year.

Rate Information

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Click here to learn about OPPD's Rate options, structures and costs covered in your bill.