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Rate Calculator
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Rate Calculator

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Commercial and Industrial Electric Calculator

***Only two of the three fields are required***
  kW Demand :    
  kWh (monthly) :    
  Load Factor :    
  Estimated Annual Energy Cost (in dollars)  
  Estimated Average Cost Per kWh (in cents) :   

Estimate and compare commercial and industrial electric rates. Our calculator provides estimated total annual energy cost and average cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in cents, based on our current rate plans, using your projected load factor, plus your kilowatt and kilowatt-hour demand.

To get your estimates, enter at least two of the following in the fields above:

  1. kW demand: maximum amount of electricity used at the location during any one point in time
  2. kWh: consumption per month
  3. Load factor: total hours worked per year, divided by 8760 (e.g., 60% should be entered as .60)

If you have a kW demand of 5,000 kW or more, please contact Senior Economic Development Coordinator Devin Meisinger for a detailed rate and cost estimate. Devin can be reached at 1-888-781-4415 or