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Important Flood Information
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Important Flood Information

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Flood Safety, Disconnecting and Reconnecting Power


OPPD knows it is difficult dealing with the devastation left from a flood. However, it is important to remember safety comes first. For safety purposes, OPPD disconnects power due to flooding and related issues as a precaution that is directed by law enforcement or emergency management officials. It is for customer safety, as well as the safety of others living in the area, and for our crews and first responders. In these cases, OPPD is not able to turn power back on until flooding subsides.

As customers return to homes and businesses damaged by floodwaters, OPPD urges safety with regards to electricity.

Risks associated with standing water

  • If you have standing water anywhere in your home, do not enter until you’ve made sure there are no electrical shock dangers. 
  • Avoid standing water and floodwaters. They may contain chemicals that could make you sick or have downed power lines that could cause shock or electrocution. Such waters could also have sharp debris.

A generator can be a source for supplying power during outages or disconnections. Find out more about generator installation and safety.

Disconnecting Power 

  • Customers who would like to disconnect power due to flooding will be subject to a reconnect process, which includes obtaining an inspection and permit.
  • To request disconnection, contact OPPD directly at 402-536-4131 or 1-877-536-4131.
  • If OPPD cannot access a particular customer due to floodwaters or damaged roadways, the order to disconnect will be cancelled. If that should occur, power will remain on until OPPD is directed by the emergency management agency for that county. This is for everyone’s safety.
  • If a customer’s home is destroyed by flooding and the customer wishes to cancel service entirely, OPPD can end service as of the last meter reading.

Reconnecting Power

When floodwaters recede, customers must follow a process before reconnecting power.

  • Customers must obtain an inspection and permit prior to reconnection of electric service to ensure safety for all involved. This is required by local and state permitting authorities.
  • OPPD will not charge customers displaced by flooding to re-establish service if they are reconnecting within 12 months.
  • Locate where to obtain a permit in your area
  • Find more information about reconnecting power after a flood in the Flood FAQs.


If you have questions or need further assistance, please call 402-536-4131 or toll-free at 877-536-4131.